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Case study – Clinical negligence after pregnancy

The client required numerous services after suffering clinical negligence at hospital

The accident

The client had a history of difficult pregnancies which meant all future children would need to be birthed by Caesarean section (C-section). With child number 7 on the way, the client was required to attend regular appointments with a consultant.

After considering the high number of children that the client had previously given birth to, along with previous complications when giving birth, the consultant advised the client to consider sterilisation. The idea of sterilisation was rejected by the client on more than one occasion.

On the day of the client’s C-section, the client suffered a migraine attack for which she normally takes medication for. The severe migraine had affected the client’s state of mind and ability to concentrate and make a considered decision. The consultant passed the client a form to sign before the C-section took place. The form was an agreement for the client to be sterilised. As the client had difficulty concentrating with the migraine and wanted to have the C-section started as soon as possible, the form was signed.

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The damage caused

The C-section took place without complications and the client was discharged after a few days. With the migraine gone, the client suspected that they may have been sterilised and was unsure of what they had signed.

As the client still wanted more children, the client had previously rejected the idea of sterilisation on many occasions. Upon contacting the hospital, the client found out they were indeed sterilised after the C-section. To their horror, the sterilisation process was not reversible.

The sterilisation caused the client to experience heavier periods. As the client did not want to be sterilised, the client became very unhappy, which affected her mood and confidence. It strained the client’s relationship with her partner, causing the client to feel isolated and anti-social. The client became jealous of other pregnant women and new-born babies and hated being in hospitals. The process had indeed caused psychological damage to the client.

Recovery process

As part of the recovery process, the client attended several counselling sessions. The client suffered heavy psychological damage, which meant we had to arrange for a psychology therapist to help the client get over their emotional trauma. It was important we were able to provide the client with all the support they needed to avoid deeper emotional impact to their social life.

Target Medical arranged for the several rehabilitation sessions and medical examinations to ensure that the client was indeed on the road to recovery.

Moving forward

Despite a full recovery being in the balance, Target Medical was able to arrange a series of examinations to fully understand how the accident affected the client. This not only included the orthopaedic surgeon but psychoanalysis and a neurologist. All appointments were organised and results collected in order to get a full extent of the injury.

We have to look at all possible outcomes of an injury far more than just a physical injury requiring treatment. We need to look at ongoing career prospects, psychological analysis, implications for family and much more. Because of this we need a wide network of specialists (who we utilise) to give you and your family the best chance to move on from an incident.