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Case study – Pedestrian accident on zebra crossing

The client required numerous services for their pedestrian accident injury case

The accident

The client was walking across a zebra crossing on a clear evening. The lights on the crossing were flashing as usual. After a couple of cars had already passed (who did not give right of way) the client saw a long enough gap for further cars to recognise her and stop.

The defendant’s car was around 10 meters away when the client began to cross. After passing three quarters of the crossing, the defendant’s vehicle failed to slow or stop; colliding with the client. She was thrown to the floor after being hit on the side. She lost consciousness for a few minutes before being awoken by passers by.

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The damage caused

The client initially suffered a number of heavy cuts over her body including the face. She was able to stand but shock carried her for the first few minutes after regaining consciousness.

The client describes the state as being dream like. Only when she had been taken to A&E did she really have an understanding of what had happened. By this point she was in consistent pain over her body.

It had been determined she had suffered a multitude of injuries including:

  • A severe concussion
  • A deep cut over her eye
  • A split chin
  • Bruising of her face and ring finger
  • Damaged teeth
  • Tinnitus in the ear
  • Knee pain

She suffered further long term damage after the incident including memory loss, problems with concentration for long periods and a host of anxiety problems. The anxiety included both road related situations (including having to abandon driving lessons from being too nervous behind the wheel) and at home when attempting to sleep.

She still suffers nervous spells, dizziness, headaches and sleeping problems. These are likely to continue for a prolonged period of time.

Recovery process

Although full recovery could take a lifetime, Target Medical has done our part to ensure the client has as smooth a recovery as possible. Specialists we conversed with during the early stages included hospitals and doctors local to the client to get full, detailed reporting of the client’s injuries both at the time of the incident and long term. X-Rays, scans, appointments and prescriptions were needed to begin the process.

After the initial assessments dental surgery and a recovery timetable required organising; all services Target Medical can assist with. With one tooth fractured and one tooth mobile after the accident, she needed root canal treatment to amend some of the problems. Despite this work her teeth are still vulnerable and must avoid hard chewing foods like apples. She underwent an MRI scan relating to her Tinnitus with a specialist. Although she does not require further treatment for it the effect will last for a long time before it subsides. However no time period could be properly given apart from the Tinnitus settling down “eventually”.

She underwent CBT to combat the anxiety and takes prescribed painkillers whenever she suffers headaches which is about 3 times a week. The CBT intends to overcome certain fears involving being anywhere near traffic. With anxiety about not only walking but cycling or driving, therapy is essential to assist waylaying these fears.

While specialists hope that with treatment her anxiety problems, Tinnitus and headaches may improve over time, they may never fully cease.

Moving forward

As with many injury claims, recovery can take months to years. What we guarantee is our part in ensuring all medical assistance is catered for. This includes long term care such as physiotherapy, mental health, future corrective surgery and more.

Thanks to the effort of the team at Target Medical the client was able to arrange a number of services post injury stretching into the long term, giving her the very best opportunity to recover from her injuries moving forward.