Patient FAQs

Why do I need to attend a medical appointment?

Your solicitor has asked Target Medical to arrange an appointment with one of our independent medical experts. This medical expert is a specialist who will examine you and discuss your injuries and the circumstances of your accident. The medical expert will provide Target with a report containing their professional opinion on your injuries and your expected recovery period.

When and where will my appointment be?

We will arrange an appointment with the medical expert at a location and time suitable to you, this will be as close to your home address as possible. Appointments with GP experts are often closer and more quickly arranged, some other expert specialisms may be further away and have longer waiting lists for appointments. We will provide full details of your medical appointment via email and call you to confirm that you are able to attend.

What happens if I am unable to attend my appointment?

You must let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. If you fail to attend or cancel at short notice, you may be personally liable for a cancellation charge.

Why does the medical expert need to see my medical records?

If your injuries are more serious the medical expert will usually need to see a copy of your medical records; this may include records dating from before and after your accident. The medical expert will consider whether you had any pre-existing conditions which have been made worse by the incident.

When will I receive a copy of my medical report?

After your appointment the medical expert will send your report to Target Medical, usually within a couple of weeks. We will check it for factual accuracy and send it to your instructing solicitors. Your solicitor will examine the report and the expert’s prognosis of your injuries.