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Screening Reports

We can provide comprehensive screening reports to assist with clinical negligence cases

Screening reports

Do you want to know whether the case you have has any potential to be successful? Do you want to know what experts may be required to assess the potential injuries? Do you want to know what questions you should be asking the medical experts to get the most out of their report? Then this is where Target Medical come in!

We have a comprehensive list of medical experts who we can liaise with to compile your medical screening report. We will be able to provide you with screening reports that will identify whether clinical negligence was indeed the cause of the injuries being claimed for. We can also provide the best course of action for the type of expert you’ll need.

Our screening report will give you a good indication of the prospects of success with your case. We will provide recommendations on what experts will be required to provide their opinions for your clinical negligence case, such as breach of duty, causation, condition and prognosis. We will do a thorough check and compile any necessary evidence and information that we feel worth mentioning to give value to the screening report and your case.

You will not be disappointed by our clinical negligence screening report and it should take approximately 14 days from instruction of the medical expert.

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