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We can arrange diagnostic appointments to better understand your client's injuries

The importance of diagnostics

Just because an injury can’t be seen or felt does not mean it isn’t present. Sometimes a diagnostic scan is required to understand the true extent of the injuries present.

There are many different types of scans available for the different areas in the body. For example an MRI scan, carried out by a radiographer, is used for examining the internal organs to diagnose hidden conditions within the body. The scan takes place in an MRI scanner (pictured), which is a large tube containing powerful magnets.

Some of the diagnostic services we can arrange for include MRI scans (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), X-rays, CT scans (Computed Tomography), PET scans (Positron Emission Tomography), Ultrasound scans, ECG scans (Electrocardiography), EEG scans (Electroencephalogram), EMG scans (Electromyography), NCS scans (Nerve Conduction Study), SPECT scans (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography), Arthroscopy surgery and more.

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Trusted diagnostic imaging partners

We have developed working relationships with market leading independent sources of diagnostic & rehabilitative services and are able to provide a professional and comprehensive investigative service. Whether you require an MRI, X-ray or other specialist scan, our case handlers will locate the most suitable provider for your client ensuring a quick turnaround.

Our trusted diagnostic imaging partner has been treating patients for more than two decades and ensures that the patient is always at the centre of what they do. All of our radiologists are UK, FRCR registered and on the UK radiologists specialist register.

Most common diagnostic services

MRI scan


CT scan

PET scan


How we can help

Sometimes due to severe injuries, following consultation a medical expert may advise your client requires a surgical procedure to assist with their recovery from accident or disease.

Where surgical treatment or intervention is recommended Target Medical can quickly source a suitable provider and prepare a detailed quote for you, including hospital and surgeon fees, consultation and any recommended aftercare charges.

We can then arrange for the recommended surgical procedures to proceed at a suitable location for your client aiding rapid recovery.

Why choose us for your diagnostic investigations?

  • Partnered with Europe‚Äôs leading provider of imaging services
  • Wide range of specialist services available
  • High quality, safe and reliable scans combined with informative reports
  • Detailed quotes for any recommended surgical procedures
  • Flexible locations and times most suitable for your client
  • Long-time partners ensures reliable service