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Medical record pagination done in a cost effective and time efficient manner

A professional and reliable pagination service

Our team of experienced nurses have received training from clinical negligence lawyers and this combined knowledge ensures a detailed and valuable analysis of your medical records.

We are able to tailor our approach on a case by case basis to provide you with a comprehensive consideration or just an overview based on your specific requirements. By delivering a dependable and cost effective service, Target Medical can leave you to focus your attention on progressing individual cases to achieve the best outcome for your clients.

How we can help with pagination

  • Sorting, pagination and indexing
  • Medical records
  • Identifying missing or illegible records
  • Summary of key events and timeline
  • Digital scanning and sending electronically
  • Memorandum document
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Sorting, pagination & indexing

Target Medical will ensure that your medical records are effectively sorted, categorised and paginated. A detailed medical chronology of events is prepared based on your client’s relevant past medical history and the events surrounding the alleged negligence or accident. The records are scanned, skilfully indexed and sorted into digital format in the most logical way, giving you easy access to the vital information required to determine the probability of a successful conclusion.

Medical records

If you haven’t yet obtained the medical records, we can apply for them on your clients’ behalf and ensure they are received as quickly as possible. Using quality control, Target Medical ensures integrity, completeness and legibility of patient health records.

Identifying missing or illegible records

When reviewing the medical records, Target Medical will identify any missing documents – this invaluable process could be fundamental to your case. We can then revert back to the medical record provider to source the pertinent documents.

Summary of key events and timeline

Our skilled team accurately highlight significant events or procedures whilst drawing attention to any pre-existing conditions and other important issues relating to breach, causation, condition and prognosis.

Digital scanning and sending electronically

This provides security whilst ensuring large and complex document collections are easily accessible by you.

Memorandum document

Summarising of the records, including – number of pages, sequence of sections, missing records identified and details of medical records suppliers. We will also make a recommendation of suggested type of expert for you to instruct.