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Rehabilitation & Further Treatment

We can arrange for physiotherapy, psychological treatment and surgical procedures

Rehabilitation treatment

We can provide every rehabilitation service that your client requires to help them recover as soon as possible. Whether it is helping your client to strengthen their damaged muscles, assisting them to regain balance and flexibility or to reduce pain to improve their overall mobility, we can arrange for all types of physiotherapy to suit your client’s needs.

We have access to a substantial network of rehabilitation and treatment specialists that covers physiotherapy, psychological rehabilitation and surgical procedures too across the UK. This means we can schedule the appropriate treatment for your client, at a location and time convenient to them.

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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that promotes the restoration of movement and function of a patient. Physiotherapy is often required by people who have been affected by an injury or illness, or are recovering from a surgical procedure.

Physiotherapy is useful for people of all ages and can be used for treating health conditions including bones, joints and soft tissue injury. It is also used for heart and blood circulation, for lungs and breathing, and it can be used to help you prevent further injuries from strenuous physical activity.

We have a large database of connections to physiotherapists located all around the UK. This means no matter where your client is based, we can identify and arrange for a specialist local to your client. The way we work ensures the process is as simple as possible for you and your client.

Psychological rehabilitation

Psychological treatment, also known as psychotherapy, is used to treat emotional and mental health conditions. This is common if your client has been in a serious road traffic accident and is suffering from the symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Psychotherapists are mental health professionals who are trained to listen to their patient to identify the cause of their anxiety and emotional issues, and then come up with solutions to help the patient get over their problems.

If your client is in need of a psychotherapist for their treatment, then we can help. Again, we have connections to psychotherapists across the UK and can arrange local sessions for your client. We aim to ensure that our service is as straight-forward as possible for your client as that benefits all parties.

Surgical procedures

If your client requires surgical procedure to help with their recovery, then we can help! Thanks to our strong relationship with many medical professionals across the UK, we can facilitate most rehabilitative treatments for your client.

Surgical procedures are most common for knee injuries, brain injuries, fractured bones and more. Whether they need a knee replacement, or hip replacement, or another diagnostic scan, we can arrange and sort everything for the ease and convenience of your client.

What’s more? We have a standout aftercare service! In our experience, it is common for the client to require physiotherapy after their operation to help make a full recovery. Whatever their needs, we’ll be here for them and our aftercare service will ensure they are well looked after even after the initial surgical procedure.