Taking Food To The Skelmersdale Foodbank

At Target Medical, we firmly believe in helping the local community and creating opportunities not just for ourselves but for others too.

We came across the work that Skelmersdale Foodbank do and it opened our eyes to the reality that some of us still face in this day and age. We are supposedly one of the most advanced and richest countries in the world, yet there are still people living in poverty here. People without homes, people without food, people without the daily necessities… it truly is a disheartening feeling.

We came across the Skelmersdale Foodbank, which is a project founded by local churches and community groups that allows people to work together in the fight to stop hunger. We are grateful that there are people out there, such as those working for these foodbanks, who are willing to invest their time, effort and money into helping those less fortunate and in need. The work done by the heroes at the Skelmersdale Foodbank is inspirational and it motivated us to do our part to help their cause.

So over the past week many of us brought in food from tins to jars, to packets and more to be donated to the foodbank. We would like to thank all of our staff for their generous contributions to the local foodbank. The donated food has already been delivered to the Skelmersdale Foodbank and we hope it will make a positive difference for some during the Christmas period.